Monday, March 23, 2009

The Fantastic Watch Collection; Episode 14: The Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle watch is perfect to wear while its currently orbiting the planet. That way, you can always say its Space Shuttle time! It functions closely like the Stealth watch, its time piece flips out of the nose, and it has spacey take-off sound effects that annoys cats.

I drove myself crazy trying to take a shot of the flickering engine lights. As the Shuttle speeds up the lights flicker even more. After some failed 20 tries, I gave up. I can't believe the odds that not one time did the camera take at the same time the lights were on. Next camera I buy will have one of those multi-shoot options.

For LEon's request, here is where the digital time piece is located. Inside the nose cone area. The two back buttons on the shuttle bay doors activate the sounds, and flip open the time piece. The front looking hatch thing on the bay doors is the battery compartment.

I skipped 13 on the watch list, becasue there is no way I'm posting the number 13 with NASA related material.

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