Thursday, March 19, 2009

At what time did the GI Joe Universe get weird?

GI Joe has a vast variety of characters and styles. But at what point did it go too far? First Sergeant Duke is as mainstream as they come, he is the Real American Hero.

Weapons dealer Destro is a bit weird, but the Iron mask is possible and makes for an intriguing villian. Except for the functionality of metal lips moving in the cartoon.

You have to bend your imagination with SGT. Flash and his 'Laser' gun, but you have to admit we all want one.

Cobra Commanders antics are always fun, but with that hood on its all up to your imagination.

Nemesis Enforcer who likes to rip people in half with his powerful arm bone spikes and drink the blood of GI Joe family members one by one until the dark of night blankets the planet in unimaginable death is creative and charming.

Then there is the character Tripwire. They crossed the wire with this guy and went way over it. What the hell is that thing he is holding, and whey is he all armored up like something could explode near him. Pansy ass I like to call him. Look at the baby with his silly helmet, doesn't want to get his pretty face all blown up. This guy is totally unbelievable, ruins the whole realistic feel of the story. Thanks a lot GI Joe writers.

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