Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cobra FANG! Its Dangerous!

The Cobra FANG was the first GI JOE toy I ever flew. It's my favorite vehicle, besides the HISS tank. But after doing some research, I realized its the most dangerous personal helicopter ever made.

It looks harmless without pilot, sleek design, armored well, and comfort seat padding. As soon as the pilot comes into the picture though, the flaws of design present themselves.

STOP! Don't use the missiles as a 'step up'! Thats Dangerous!

Um, where are the shoulder harnesses?!! That little peg going into the back of the pilot's back has to be uncomfortable!

First rule, there is no celebrating when shooting a Joe down. When arms are raised, they go into the main rotors!

Second rule, if you avoided the first rule, Do not stand and celebrate after a Joe is shot down. Whole body would get hit by the main rotors!

I hope this safety material will help you decide never to fly a FANG helicopter.

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