Saturday, March 14, 2009

He-man lends a hand, or an arm, or both...

Droid Factory pieces are included with many of the new Star Wars figure toys. Usually this makes me want to buy more, but I can only have so many Lukes or Darth Vaders. So I have a partially built R2 unit green and red. I don't think I will spring for a figure with droid legs, so this little droid is out of luck. Then He-Man comes in. He has always been one of the nicest toys of the Museum, always helping out and such.

In a surprise gesture, He-Man loaned his arms to the R2 Droid!

This of course got a round of applause from all the other toys in the Museum except of course He-Man. But he is happy with his decision saying, "I am the strongest Man in the Universe with or without my arms!"

In a kind gesture, the Droid responded "I will help take down Skeletor, at all costs!"


Reis O'Brien said...


Mario! said...

haha! I actually completed that green one (I bought the IG lancing droid purely for that reason) and I have the leg to go with the dome you have. I think that green one and HK-47 will be the only complete droids I'll build.

LEon said...

Creative I must say. LOL

Bubbashelby said...


Anonymous said...

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