Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spearhead's Lost Cat

Spearhead was one of the last few GI Joes I bought during the old days. Naturally I was drawn to the animal figure teams like Spearhead and Max, and Voltar and Black Condor. Through the tests of time though, Max has gone missing. I am amazed that Spearhead somehow survived the horrible massacre of most other Joes of '89 and I am confident that Max too survived as cats are cunning and tricky. I swear I have seen Max from time to time through the years, and now he must be in one of the countless toy boxes that I will never find if I really tried looking. Now the best hope is for Max to be found by coming back on his own.

In the meantime Spearhead is very distraught. I hope some day that the two can be reunited.

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