Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HotWheels BumbleBee?

I got a new toy today and planned to do a great photo event with it, but my camera's batteries decided it needed recharging. Drat, so that will have to wait a day or so. In the mean time, here is a HotWheels older Camaro with a paint job that is strangely Transformers related with the a Bumblebee paint job, and Sam's little bee air freshener graphic on the trunk.


Josh Miller said...

My kids, especially my daughter, will yell "Hey it's bumblebee!" to pretty much any yellow car.

I have to keep myself from ruining the fun by saying "That is neither a Volkswagon NOR a Camero".

Dan said...

a year or so ago, I had a small project of trying to take pictures of G1 cars that drove by my desk window. I got a Bumblebee and a Iron Hide, its tricky to have camera ready thought at a seconds notice.


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