Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Power Rangers Mystic Force Solar Streak Megazord

My family has a genetic disorder in train loving, so when I got a chance to get a Mystic Force Solar Streak Megazord, I took it. It is from the 2006 line of Mystic Force Power Rangers. I am kind of dumbfounded I didn't not purchase it back then, only to say I got married that year, so maybe I had my mind on other things.

I found it at my favorite toy reseller in almost perfect loose condition. It is missing its front boiler star shield, so I will have to start hunting for that (Oops, in this front view picture the cow grill is up, and the Megazord is flashing you). 

The steam engine is the most complex part of the Zord featuring some light transformation, wheel moving, front red light, and terrific sound effects. A long steam engine drive sound effect is great play, as well as some transforming sounds too. The engine almost feels diecast, heavy from the batteries and wheels. You can see the new Mega Bloks Samurai Rangers scale pretty good to it. 

The back/main body of the Zord forms the coal hopper, and has some nice transformation to it. The rest of the train are the arms and legs, and for fitting into one shot I will leave it at this. The train gets pretty long, three or four feet long! Totally a toy I would have killed for at age three.

Oops, he is flashing again, sorry!  Such a fun time Megazord.

This is a really great Steam Engine, Steam-Punk like, robot warrior!

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