Wednesday, November 28, 2012

G.I. Joe Steel Brigade Special Forces

I have made the mistake on passing on this Steel Brigade guy here many times. I don't recall the guy from the old show, in which all my main collecting goals come from. Then I read the back of the card...

OH, so the guy is a trooper like guy? Like the Vipers are to Cobra. If I knew that earlier, I would have bought more to troop build. On the other hand, maybe G.I. Joe shouldn't have troops and be left at individual specialized abilities (There is a long debate there) Regardless it would be fun to a have more of these (oh wait, I think I have one more in stock overflow).

This figure line has pretty much run its course out of stores by now. I still see a few at Toys R Us, and I got this from a small grocer in town, who is behind. It was funny because even the old lady at the register knew these were rare. She asked me if I was going to sell it on Amazon for $100 bucks.

SO many weapons to choose!

I was surprised, but shouldn't be, that there was a masked face under the helmet. I thought the helmet was it. Never underestimate this line. There are little grenades to even fit into the launcher, however they might fit in too far, and get stuck? I did not want to try.

So yeah, now I have a common adversary for the Viper to fight.

Top bad for Steel Brigade guy that he has a handle on his back for the Viper to grab.

If I can just find one more...

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