Friday, November 23, 2012

Hot Wheels Sharkruiser and Rocket Fire

On the way to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's house, we stopped to pick up some food transfer containers. Being away from my Toy Museum is hard, so I picked up a couple Hot Wheels to tide me over. I found this Sharkruiser, or Shark Cruiser, color variant more pretty than my last Sharkruiser. My only problem is I wish they would change the number on the hood.

Such a pretty little shark mobile. I really like this one, its not the first Hot Wheel that makes you poor, its the 100 color variants that get you in.

I also finally caved on the chrome Rocket Fire. This car is a top favorite, and I really like the shiny!

The downside is, it will be destroyed eventually, as that thin chrome stuff never lasts.

Short term equals happiness.

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