Monday, November 12, 2012

Castle Greyskull Classics

I forgot to mention last week, I committed a pre-order for Castle Greyskull. Yes, at $250.00 plus shipping its a little steep (ok, CRAZY STEEP).  I think it would make a great trophy piece, if not, have it stair at me as I sleep. When you compare it to other insane toys purchases like those specialty Light Sabers, Big Millennium Falcon, or combined purchase of every Lego Minifigures, its not so high. I'm sure in its limited supply, it will have at least a break even resell value, if I decided I was indeed insane.

SO, pre-orders end today, at like midnight or something, so if you want one, and want to also deliver the stress of me getting one too, go here, Castle Greyskull. If not, they won't make it, and I am saved forking out $250.00 plus.

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