Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marvel Universe: Storm - Auction ALERT!!!

Hey its Storm! I needed a Storm, now with a giant Sentinel running around this place. Overall, she's a slam grand of a Marvel Universe figure except for my classic beef.

No display stand!!!

OH WHERE TO BEGIN! That all the other Marvel Universe figures I have so far, have the best display stands on the market? Or that being a lady lady with a light frame figure, with heavy cape, makes it impossible to stand her without hunchiback?

Then to top things off, instead of killer display stand, we get a "Collectible Comic Shot" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A Little postage, print on raw card stock, is collectable? Really??? I would have expected that in the 90's, and we called them POGs, and they did stuff! I am half tempted to ebay this damn thing... In fact, thats what I am going to do...


Back to blog antics, I let Storm shoot her own card, revealing the Invisible Girl who was holding it up!

And to close, maybe if Juggernaut didn't use so much plastic, the would have had some left for Strom's stand. :(

So yeah, go ahead and get into the bidding war NOW


jboypacman said...

It bothers me that Hasbro as decided to not have stands for these figures anymore. It really can not cost that much more to have them can it?

Dan said...

No kidding, and if they had to raise the price a dollar, I would still buy. I am buying toys, not collectable cardboard pieces.

actionfig said...

That shot of an unsuspecting Invisible Girl is hilarious!


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