Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Squishy Soft Plastic Easter Chic Ball with Strobe Effect

I couldn't just go to the store for boring old batteries, so I picked up this novelty $1 Easter toy up too. I think it might have special powers too. It's squeezable, and reforms back to shape.

The trippy cool part is the little strobe light inside...







Now that was weird.


Bera said...

LOL! this is funny! hahahaha. I have seen that chick in some of the stores here and they are very adorable. But that scene you did is just very hilarious LOL!

I'm going to follow you. If you have time please visit me too.

Happy blogging! :)

jboypacman said...

I just saw these the other day in the Easter section of one of our stores.

Jason said...

Hahahaha!! Cool pick up for a buck! Cobra Commander "stole" the show though. :)

Yelinna said...

LOL it glows in the dark. Cobra Comander is wrong: Pink Squishy Soft Glowing Mutant Chic is not weird, it is COOL!!!

Look carefully and you will notice the funny way Cobra Commander is carrying that chic :D :D

Fran Houston said...

What store carries these? Thx!


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