Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Thundercats 4" Tygra, Wave 2

I was hesitant to buy a Tygra, as with his Militarized look, I didn't care too much for him. But the other day when I had several of the other figures fighting on the kitchen table, I realized I needed another lead character in the fight. I found this one left on the shelf, and he is apart of the second main wave of figures. I am not really sure, what they changed, except that his blue whip is ...better? Its really rubbery and flexible, really nice, as I was worried it was going to be rigid.

I am pleasantly surprised with Tygra. He is a solid Thundercat figure. Maybe more so than the others, as he is balanced, non restricted by armor, and painted pretty well. I am not too in love with his plastic gun on the toy or show, but you can take it off and huck if you wish.

So now this leaves the problem, I have just enough new Thundercats to warrant buying the rest. Darn, I was really trying to just buy a select few. At least they are a fun, colorful, playable toy line that works well.

Stay tuned to see how Tygra fits in with the other cats...

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