Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New 2012 Thundercats 4" Claudus the Action Figure

Back when I watched Thundercats in the 80's my family had a cat named Claude. That was pure coincidence to Old King Claudus here. Showing up on shelves about now is the second wave of figures for the New Thundercats show. I spotted the 4" Mumm-Ra, Panthro with Metal glove things, and Lion-o with slightly altered things. I wish the line would concentrate on some more villains. Back in the day they made a figure for any old bad guy. Safari Joe anyone, anyone? There have already been plenty of one episode villains, so come on Ban-Dai, get these a making.

In an ultra stab of laziness, I haven't opened Claudus yet. But at least I posted something tonight right?

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