Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New 2012 Thundercats 4" Claudus the Action Figure

Back when I watched Thundercats in the 80's my family had a cat named Claude. That was pure coincidence to Old King Claudus here. Showing up on shelves about now is the second wave of figures for the New Thundercats show. I spotted the 4" Mumm-Ra, Panthro with Metal glove things, and Lion-o with slightly altered things. I wish the line would concentrate on some more villains. Back in the day they made a figure for any old bad guy. Safari Joe anyone, anyone? There have already been plenty of one episode villains, so come on Ban-Dai, get these a making.

In an ultra stab of laziness, I haven't opened Claudus yet. But at least I posted something tonight right?


Eric Stettmeier said...

I agree, I am so tired of the modern toy company policy of seventy thousand versions of a singular good guy instead of a new bad guy. Bandai is doing better than most, though.

Dan said...

Yeah, why they wonder why all the same guy on the peg isn't selling? I would like that sword stealing guy from new episode with all the swords!!!

Jason said...

I'd like to find this guy. I still need Wilykit and Tygra(both the 4 inch variety), to finish off my 'Cats. And I'm with you, we definitley need some different characters and villains. Did they make a 4 inch Grune? And I for one would like to see figures of the Berbils and the Petalars, especially Emrick(that episode had me all misty eyed at the end). Also the Elephants, especially Aburn would be pretty cool. Although I'd want him in a larger scale.

Dan said...

Jason, I believe the 4" Grune was made, but was deluxe and had a few extra things. I wish I got, cus I can't find anymore. ANd yes, I still hum the song the Petalars sang.

jboypacman said...

Agreed they need more villains.


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