Sunday, February 12, 2012

Marvel Universe 16" Sentinel - The Biggest Action Figure

Behold the mighty Sentinel!

Amazing figure, or would you say Miniature Robot Person Thing? The Sentinel is huge, and rightly so, as that is what the Sentinel is, HUGE! Safe to say, the Sentinel is now the largest Action Figure in the Toy Museum.

For such an enormous hunk of plastic, he functions pretty well. Full of joints and electronics, the Sentinel is not to disappoint. There are only a couple of loose joints in his left arm, but with so much weight, thats almost expected. His knees were so tight, I almost hurt myself trying to bend them. The Sentinel is well balanced for standing, I had no problem keeping him upright.

The sound effects are chilling. I do wish they were separated into sound effects and phrases. That way you would have more control in battle. It is fun though, he complains about his power core draining, and when it drains he talks slower and shuts down. Then he fake ejects the core, and apparently is better again (I found a neat substitute Power Core that I will show next time).

The Color Scheme is balanced. I have heard in some circles, its not 90's Cartoon or Comic accurate? Really, why would that be a problem? I see a little cracking in the leg paint, but that might be on purpose. It doesn't really matter when he's stepping on Wolverine anyways (oh yeah, Wolverine comes with him).

I am so fortunate to find this toy on such a great deal At Walmart. So good, I might have bought another one for troop building, and convinced a friend to buy another one, Bwa-ha ha. Sentinel's are more fun when attacking in groups. Of course, now I need to find more X-Men to fight it with.

I wonder what the smallest figure is in the Toy Museum? See next time.

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