Monday, November 21, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai: Turtlezord

To rationalize a larger than normal toy purchase, I will pretend to buy the new Samurai Megazord in pieces. That's right, all I have here is a Turtlezord, NOTHING more!!!

A wee cute Turtlezord that is, awwww.

Don't get too comfortable with it though, as it can change quickly into an arm, and slice your brains out.

I highly doubt I will purchase any more parts to the Samurai Megazord?


Jcee said...

LOL you better get the other parts before they get discontinued and then you end up with only an arm!

jboypacman said...


Goldi said...

where did you find just a sword? My son got the megazord for christmas from santa and we accidently tossed the sword with the wrapping paper after christmas. Do you know where we can find just the sword? Thanks!


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