Thursday, November 24, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai: Apezord

I was gutting the turkey this morning when out comes an Apezord! What are the odds, that the turkey we were going to eat had herself ate an Apezord?

The Apezord forms the Samurai Megazord's left arm, or I guess right if you were looking at it. The Apezord is pretty simple like the Turtlezord, in that you only have to flip a couple things.

I guess my only complaint with the Apezord, is if you want his arms down like a traditional ape, the good side of the detail points inward, and the open plastic shell part is outward. But that is not really too much of a problem as you can still position the arms in many ways.

He doesn't stand well either on its back feet, so you need those front arms for balance. Sometimes you can get him to do a trick for a peanut.

If someone told me at the start of the week that I would end up with three parts to the Samurai Megazord in all these random events, I would say neat.

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