Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai: Bearzord

Since I did not, by any means, purchase an entire Samurai Megazord in an un-rational splurge purchase, I was happy to see this Bearzord fly threw my car window on the way to work. I can only assume the previous owner did not want, and tossed, just when I drove by. What are the odds?

I am totally digging the Bearzord. Do you want to know what is really cool about the Bearzord? When you flip his legs down, and head out from foot mode, you hear nice solid clicking sounds. Its like in the commercials, they always add that noise, yet you can never reproduce. Well this one solidly clicks and snaps and latches and clicks.

I also dig the simplicity! SO nice to have a transforming toy, that doesn't take a whole episode of Storage Wars to transform. The colors are Green, Black, a little gold, and some red eyes. So simple!

And with all that simplicity, it still pulls off bear to the nose. I could see this thing paneling down main street fighting stuff. His jaw opens too.

The Bearzord forms the Megazord's right leg, or is that left? I wouldn't know as I only have a Turtlezord and luck would have it, this Bearzord.

Excuse me while Bearzord and I go for a walk with the dog.

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