Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alphabeasts -E- Eioio Learning Plush Toy

There is an awesome trend these days for stuffed plush animal friend creatures. Gone are the days of the common stuffed cat or classic puffy teddy bear, for the days of dysfunctional Ugly Dolls and cute abstract monsters like the Alphabeasts are here. It took me about 26 hours to narrow down my first Alphabeast choice to E, or Eioio.

Each beast style is unique and adorned with a letter, one side upper cased the other side lower cased. They also sport a vibrant color contrast from side to side. Most are very cute, some are kind of scary, and some are just darn strange.

Did I mention they are OH-SO-SOFT? Yeah they are OH-SO-SOFT, made of nice soft washable velveteen material, and the letter is my favorite material fleece. Yes, I would drape myself in fleece if it were socially acceptable. Since Alphabeasts do this for me, I will just go with that.

Alphabeasts are both a friend and a learning tool. Eioio has already begun teaching spelling at The Toy Museum, which is a great thing, as if you have wread my posts over the years... Yeah.

They are a pretty good sized toy, and not a bad price too at $15.99. There is a baby book set available, that features the Alphabeast's adventures too. Now I just have to figure which one I would get next, to start spelling something, as they look really good in groups.

Again the official website for more official information.

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