Monday, November 14, 2011

Fireburst Optimus Prime

Lets start your Monday with a fancy review of Fireburst Optimus Prime from the Transformers Dark of the Moon line of toys. I really like this toy, even though I play it mediocre like in the video for some kicks.

Many things to say about this Prime. I got a generous Veterans day deal to start, 40% off plus a $3 dollar off toy coupon making it around 10 bucks! Unlike the stock pile of toys on my desk, I dug right into it, and transformed him many times during the Clone Wars and Thundercats on Friday night. This is my second Dark of the Moon toy, and so far these guys are solid. They just seem to Transform more smoothly than the last two movie toys. The Photo-like instructions help too.

I did have a bit of a problem with his Mechtech axe though. It was working really well all Friday night, then Saturday night it conked out out of nowhere! The gears somehow got out of line, and after many agonizing minutes of trying to fix and realign, a gear piece shot out, and it was done. So I returned the whole toy Sunday afternoon for a new one. So now I'm a bit paranoid to do it again, so I am very careful in Mechtech-ing it.

It was nice to work out the transforming bugs with the first one, and have the second one all cleaned and ready to film. He is such a balance Transformer, with nice base supporting legs, with awesome articulating arms and waist. He may not look exactly the right proportion, but works so well as a Transformer. Color scheme is really nice too, I dig the lightning detail versus the fire so much more. He also has a neat transparency paint job going with Energon like glow to his hood and roof. His head looks so mean, and is the Prime I see in the movies.

I would totally pick this toy up if I collected Optimus Primes, in which I do, so that is what I did.

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