Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thundercats 2011 Cheetara 4 inch Action Figure Toy

Running fast into a backlog of piled toys is the astonishing Cheetara!

She's a hard cat to catch, only seen in the wild for brief seconds of time. Some fans would even go as far as ordering online, to get a quick glimpse of her, And others would venture into non traditional toy outlets such as book and video stores to find her. With Patience, I found her at Walmart in front of about 30 peg warming Mumm-Ra's.

She has Pros and Cons for an action figure. Good likeliness, and vivid coloring. Her articulation is a bit confusing though. She has three points of rotation near the hips and thighs, which can get confusing to manipulate (unless your Lion-o, he-he, cough-cough-cough). She could really use wrist rotation, as her staff is limited in positioning. But the staff is also super bendy, so maybe that doesn't matter. The Thunder Lynx gimmick (which I have yet to try, so maybe its worth it), on her back makes her back heavy and she is difficult to stand. None of the cons really matter though, as pretty as she is. Except for Leesub, she's jealous of the swing in attention...

With three new Thundercats found, the bandwagon grows...

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