Sunday, October 30, 2011

James Bond Johnny Lightning Cars and Battle Cat Connection?

No Connection, I just wanted a shameless plug to sell stuff. Yes my storage bins are overflow busting, so I thought its time to part with a few things that never see daylight in the Toy Museum.

These James Bond cars a awesome, just too perfect to open or find a spot for. They just beg for me to buy more, so in this situation, I will sell, and not have to complete another collection.

And then there is Battle Cat. Don't worry, he's an extra I bought, just a precaution against Matty collector dumbnessness. The best part is, I stored him contained for a long while in his safe white box, only to pull him out with plastic cracking on his package shield. Doh. I guess the best best part is, for all those collectors who did the same, will their packages start falling apart? Cheap plastic? Well, what ever, the toy inside is still solid, and is perfect for first open playing with. Just another example of MattyCollector greatness.

Oh duh, the auction link...

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