Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Transformers Generations; Autobot Sergeant Kup

After my scathing review of Perceptor, the world was really worried what I would say about Sergeant Kup.

The world can worry no more, Sergeant Kup is one of the BEST Classics/Generations Transformer I have ever played with.

Solid design in both Vehicle and Robot, and a pretty smooth Transformation process gives this guy very high marks. There is minor difficulty in the Torso to Hood transformation because of some tight springs, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. His likeliness is spot on in Robot mode of the 1980's Transformers cartoon movie. I totally dig the Earth truck mode, vs his Cybertron Vehicle mode he always sported in the past. This is one time, I can get behind the vehicle redesign 100% of the way.

He feels more advanced and one ups the Classics HotRod, but may look good vs the Masterpiece Rodimus thats been floating around (that is if you have $80 to spend). I hope, they get with it and make a Classics RC and Springer to go with these two some day.

Now I just have to dig through a ton of boxes to find Classics Grimlock for Cup to tell stories too. So if you have the chance, get Cup over Perceptor. If you get them both, you can use Kup's truck bay to carry Perceptor around.

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