Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leesub Sirln, the most inappropriate Star Wars figure of all time.

Earlier this year I upped my nerd ante by starting to collect Star Wars Cantina figures. Most are pretty fun and creative, others are just plain strange. Then there is Leesub Sirln, a great toy for any young collector. Hasbro? Where are her pants?

Oh it gets worse.

What happens when she drops her drink?

I really hate to turn into one of those blogs butt...

Yikes! Can you imagine being a Chinese toy maker/painter. What a production line that must have been!

The box states, "Includes Droid Part!"

I really don't want to know what she does with that!


LEon said...

I never seen her before in Starwars cantina scene...did she appear in the new hope?

Bubbashelby said...

I almost got that one when I saw it due to it's oddness.

They are truly running out of figures to make. Stay tuned in 2011 when we get action figures of the grip, best-boy and teamsters who worked on A New Hope!

Jay Amabile said...

f'n hysterical post! lmao. I didn't see anything wrong with her until she turned around and started bending over. What a lousy whore! lol. That "droid part" is actually a coveted female pleasure machine only available in the red light district of Tatooine, which is the only planet where it's not outlawed.

Dan said...

LEon, She's in the Cantina, in the back, behind the guy in the orange space suit.

Bubba; Thats a great idea! You need girps to make scenes authentic.

Jay; Thank you for going where I wasn't going to go.

Nathaniel said...

Her name with the letters re-arranged spells Lesbians Rule.

- Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, it actually would spell Lesbins Rule cause there's no "A", but I think we get the picture. This coming from the guys who came up with clever names like Darth Sidious, and General Grievous.

Matte said...

OMG, this is a joke right? how did Hasbro dared to do such a thing, I can't imagine any parent buying this for his/her child. It would be like giving them Generic Cialis and letting them alone... bad move.


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