Sunday, October 24, 2010

USS Stargazer NCC-2893 Micro Machines

It's been awhile since I have highlighted anything ultra nerdy, so here we go, the USS Stargazer. If you already know this ship, you're a nerd, and you past the test. If you own this toy, you are a mega nerd, and I shake your hand.

I have been playing Star Trek Legacy on my X-Box 360 the last few weeks, and I got to this level where you actually get to fly the Stargazer. The game even creates the moment when bridge officer Picard takes over as Captain. I found that incredibly geeky, and thought I would share.

This Micro Machines ship from the early nineties is yellowed to show that its an older ship. Well, I don't really know why its yellow, and the other ships were gray, but it seemed like a good explanation. I think I bought this as a one pack, which was rare as these things usually came in threes or in box sets. It has pretty good detailing for a Micro Machine space ship.

She's a fun toy to play with, always flying apart at the seams, killing Commander Crusher, and performing Picard maneuvers in the bathroom.

So we raise our glasses high to the Stargazer, and this most geeky of posts.

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