Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cracking the Code of the Lego Minifigure Series

Finally, Finally I was able to find these in a store near me. Lego had this great idea to make minifigures in mystery packs then never release series 1 in stores. Great idea! Then they had another idea of making a series 2 and torturing me of their impending no show. Astonishingly enough, they did show! Not wanting to do what I went through with Attacktix's mystery packs, and Lego's inability to get me sereis 1, I decided to cheat. I won't say exactly how I got the codes, but it involves typing 'Lego Minifigures Code' in Google, learning some German, then finding a better link, and using that. I was at work at them time of my search (off the clock of course), and I didn't want to use our low ink printer, so I sketched the ones I wanted. The codes are only the last few bars on the upper right corner barcode of the back package, so its not too confusing.

By the way the CFSound 3, is the best digital audio player online and models start at under 200 dollars. I spent about fifteen minutes sorting through the packages of the four figures I wanted. I made piles of pretty sure, and maybe pretty sure. Did I succeed?

Of course I did, I am a freaking toy barcode genius.

So there they are #1 Mexican (is that PC?), #2 The Spartan, #8 Bay Watch girl, and #9 Mime.

Oh, I also got the stupid #7 Safari Joe blindly, when I first found them in stores (before I ran back for the codes). I though 1 out of 16 chance to get the least wanted figure would be good odds. Doh.

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