Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Federation Earth Starbase One Micro Machines

Is it turning out to be a Star Trek week, or did I just find a baggie of old Micro Machines, so I'm having fun either way. The Federation Starbase! If you can balance it on the stand you get a prize. I always thought that this station was a ton of metal to get into space. I can believe the starship sizes, but this Starbase is huge. It doesn't help when the movie Enterprise barely fits through the hanger doors, and then in the future the Enterprise D fits though easily. Those might be different bases from different shows though.

Although simply huge, this is a cool looking space mushroom. I guess I could see Starfleet building it in stages. I always wondered, when Earth gets attacked, why doesn't this thing come out and say, ram into a Borg ship. That would make a neat five minute movie. I'm sure it has a super laser that shots out the base too.

So how does the station match up in scale to the other Micro Machines?

Not too well, but that's Star Trek for you.

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