Thursday, October 28, 2010

Battle for the Cowl, wild card submission, Batman Collection

A big reminder that two Batman toy collecting giants will be throwing down tomorrow morning, to see who has the bigger Batman action figure collection. Will it be Chunky B from eclectorama, or the return of Reis O'Brien from Hey Look at my Toys. OR, will it be the wild card The Toy Museum??? Most likely not, because i weeded out my collection a few years back and I just don't think I am insane enough to bet a treasured figure. I just thought I would advertise the event up, and throw down what I do have.

Yes, I have a lot of Batman stuff, some not even pictured. But the contest rules state; just the action figures, and they half to be opened!!! (so I am already screwed there).

There's no way in heck I am opening my 100th anniversary Kenner Batman figure, or my first Batman the Animated series Batman. By the way, does the Batman lollipop holder count as a figure, the one with half a body, and the unfortunate placement of the activation button?

Does the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle count, he is almost batty?

What about plush Batman? By the way, what's all over his face? Oh that's just Robin's head. Let me rephrase, Robin's head paint wacked off onto Batman durning a fight.

Do the tiny figures count too? That adds about ten to my collection.

So I think I have about 45 Batman Figures total. I sold off about 25. So I would have had 70ish Batman Action Figures. Is that even close to the real thing tomorrow? We will see. Also, let me just say, since I know I'm going to loose, I won't be giving away a figure to both Reis and Chunky B, sorry. But if my Wild card does go wild, and I win, ha-hah.

By the way again, I like how Captain America some how made it into the top picture. NoooooooO!

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