Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tron Legacy Toys

Jeez Dan, blog once a week will you please? Okay, I apologize for my lack of exciting content of late. The good news is, I am still on target of breaking my 2006 year record of 174 amazing life changing reports. Or of course I could crash and burn...

Anyhow, lets cheat some more by commenting on toys I haven't even bought yet, or probably won't buy, Tron Legacy Toys! They are appearing now on shelves. Anytime a new toy like this comes out before the big movie release, a part of me wants to buy them all out, and scalp them just like Dwight and his Princess Unicorn hoarding from The Office. Will these sell, or will they fill up the shelves like Avatar toys did? My early thoughts, are they will fill up the shelves and sit. They don't look too good in the quality department. Some neat light up effects, but not enough to really seal the sale.

The Car has potential though...

It looks different enough, might do well for a car for the Baroness. The Light Cycle is disappointing too. Why can't they make these things deposit a ribbon of plastic for a few hundred feet. They do make light up ribbon, now that would be awesome.

So my early thoughts are Mehh, I'll pass for now and just enjoy the movie.

Of course I mocked,

made fun of,


and swore off,

Avatar toys, and now look what I am buying...

Hey, Once you pick up Wheel Chair Sully, you then need his Avatar, and then you have to get his horse, which then makes his girl all the more needed, and then the vehicles for attacking...

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