Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Cobra Stinger, 25th anniversary vehicle stings

When you need something other than a HISS Tank for Cobra, I recommend the Stinger. Cobra built Stingers ares of top technology borrowed from stolen broken down GI Joe VAMPs, with added Stinger missile launchers to the back.

Stinger's are in no way vulnerable from someone shooting the missiles up top and destroying the Vehicle. Stingers are in no way vulnerable of being back heavy, roll prone, and blow-up-able. Stingers are in no way vulnerable of having missile lock, and launching the whole vehicle up on weapons fire.

Stinger's are in no way vulnerable of frying the back bumper rider off with the missile launchers. As you can see, the rider has a handrail, so he's clearly okay.

If you get a chance to pick one up do so, its a fun toy. Found mine at ROSS for a great deal.


saruman said...

Awesome! congrats for the found!

Mike Overall said...

Good find...all Ross sells near my house is clothes and more clothes...most of which are too ugly to be purchased OR worn...


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