Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toy Story 3; Twitch - Mattel, Really?!?

Mattel Mattel Mattel, I am so disappointed in you. Really, what the heck is this? Maybe you should retire from toy making. In the 80's you created these fantastic things called Masters of the Universe that stand the test of time. They had lots of articulation, accessories, removable armor, unique action features, and even mini comic books included. For all intensive purposes you could still play with one today as one of the greatest toy lines ever made in the history of plastic stuff. Flash forward to today 2010, Toy Story 3 comes out, you Mattel have the license to make toys that celebrate classic toys. So you make a figure for Twitch a modern take of a classic 1980's action figure (one that you used to make remember?). But with this figure you decide to add minimal articulation (3 points for main body (not counting those awful hips), and 2 points for wings), no action feature, and my favorite no weapon! Really Mattel, no weapon? He's holding something cool on the illustration on the box, but nothing inside the box. How do you forget the weapon??? Thats a total insult to any kid/collector who wants to play with the thing, which is what it is for. No kid in the Toy Story Universe would ever want or play with this toy in this form. It's so useless it shouldn't even be classified as an action figure. Why even make toys Mattel, WHY? You should hang your plastic company head in shame for this one!

Just to note I will be returning this toy for something Hasbro or even Ban-Dai will make a hundred times better, and not insult me.


saruman said...

what the heck are they thinking!

LEon said...

If I may... Keeping in mind with Toy Story 3. Twitch is suppose to be an old toy donated to the children home so this toy maybe rather old design which may explain the lack of articulation like the old He-man. As for the weapon, it maybe the same reason as the toy is not complete. That's my guess. I could be wrong tho and they are guilty for their laziness...nevertheless, the price selling over here at retail is quite ex for such lack of articulation figure. :)

Toys R Me said...

Wow interesting review. First up He-Man sucks, it sucked when it was out in the 80's and sucks even more now. As for Mattel and the Toy Story 3 line will what can you say it’s far and away geared more towards kids (and rightfully so) then collectors. As far as the kiddies are concerned they seem to like it, I wouldn't touch the line myself. I would get the Revoltech Buzz Lightyear when it comes out since that is geared towards the adult collector. :-)

CounterFett said...

I got it because I thought it would be great to go with my Old He-Man toys and my New Halo toys (which amazingly work quite well together). And I, like you, was very disappointed. He looks great, but that is about the extent of it. He canot pose, he cannot hold accessories (if you give him some from other toys), and his legs rotate instead of move naturally. Gadzooks. The best thing that can be said of him is that he is very heavy. I'm never going to be able to break him (like I have my Master Chief).

Dan said...

Saruman- No kidding!!!

LEon- I can see Twtich now in the movie hobbling around with no movement.

Toys R Me - I love your candidness about He-man, that was funny. Yes the toy line is geared towards kids, but kids are not stupid. If I had that toy at five, I would forget it in a second. Kids play with complicated Transformrers, and Legos all the time
Toy companies will push what few kids left buying toys to video games if they keep releasing this kind of crap.

CounterFett-What a unique toy characteristic he has- Hey check out my cool new 'heavy' toy! :)

I love the nerve I struck with that review! Err anger err anger RAGE! :)


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