Friday, June 18, 2010

Game Day Friday! Star Wars Epic Duels Game

Today was finally Epic Duels Day for Friday game day! Co-worker Sideshow got the game at a garage sale for 55 cents!?!?! Talked it down from a dollar too! We ebayed it, and it looks like a 50 dollar plus game now! The game is fully in tack, good shape and ready to play!

How did I miss this game when it came out? Tons of mini figure painted pieces. The Good guys on white bases fight on planet potato chip.

The bad guys on black bases play near by on a table far far away.

I played with the sexy team Dooku, who gets two pretty Super Battle droids.

I got my ass handed to me though by Han and Chewy. The game is played with a board with a grid, dice, and cards that you play vs each other. Lots of rules apply so thats as far as I will go in the run through.

For first run, it was pretty fun. Lots of different team options, battle fields, and killer card combos.

Fantastic crisp pictures from our work camera!

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