Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Luxor is pure evil and this is why...

I have been to Las Vegas a couple times in the last few years and one thing for certain, the Luxor is evil. Now the picture above is the Excalibur, the campy castle themed hotel. We stayed there. Yes, its cheesy as heck, but for 40 bucks average night stay, I won't complain. But from our room window we see the evil dark pyramid Luxor Hotel.

Evil on the outside and inside, its dimly lit and dark, did I say it was dark? Even the Star Wars slots game inside takes your money. To try and improve its image it has both 'Bodies' and 'Titanic' exhibits, I don't think that's helping. It looks like a place that will steal your soul, and have an affair with it.

So anyways, this old guy down the hall comes to our room to party. We are drinking Pepsi and such, and he's all this and that, telling stories of his glory days as a Band-aid salesman or something. Seems like a nice guy right?

We look out the window and out of no where a full moon moves right over the Luxor's peak!

The old man immediately transforms into Mumm-Ra and I have to jump out the bloody window!

So, never stay at the Luxor! ...and I guess the Excalibur either.

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