Friday, June 04, 2010

One sad horsey...

So I am still a bit bummed about FAO being AWOL from Caesars forum shops. I looked up when they checked out, Jan 23, 2010 (missed it by a few months!!!). The Las Vegas Sun had such a sad photo taken of the horse by Sam Morris, I had to post. Not that it was the best toy buying store, but it was the best toy experience toy store I have ever visited. That's probably a good reason why it failed. Still though, I would think Toys R Us, the owner, should have kept it around just for exposure and credit it gives. I'm sure the lease was insane, being three floors, its too bad they couldn't shrink it down and stay around.

Also this marks two vacations in a row where I planned to go to a toy store in a mall only to find it gone. I know mall toy stores have a hard time with competitive pricing and all, but maybe its their fault for all the wrong stuff they sell. I am sure there is an assortment of toys that you could bring in, and sell, and do very well. But instead its always the same old crap that just doesn't move. At least try and window dress it up! Get people excited, and informed about all sorts of fun stuff.

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