Monday, May 31, 2010

Transformers Jolt Review on the Road

Watch the whole thing, see Jolt dance at the end.

So, yeah, went to Las Vegas last week. When I say in the video I couldn't find toys anywhere, I meant on the Strip for a decent price! FAO Schwarz pulled out of Caesars Palace, which was a bummer as I was looking forward to that store again. Caesars did have a store called 'Auto Vehicle' which had a bunch of inflated priced die cast cars, like the new back to the future DeLorean for more than 200 dollars (out of box!). That store made me want to buy a bunch of Transformers, open them, and sell them for 100 bucks each. Other than that I couldn't find one gift shop that had anything worth fun play time. On the way out of town we stopped by Walmart, and I found Jolt for 9.00, which is an okay deal for a Deluxe class vehicle.

May went too fast for me, and was way too busy. I missed my ten posts per month goal. I will have to step it up for June. It looks like a couple great blogs are shutting down in May too, Lameazoid and Geek Orthodox. Both blogs had great content over the years and will be missed. Hats off to those guys working on them. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, and, its hard to find time to blog, but I will keep going. I really enjoy making these geeky toy videos, I just wish I could get more traffic to my Channel. Going back to work tomorrow after a week off is going tobe really hard. Enjoyed the time off, but this summer should be an eventful time O' fun. See you in June!

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