Friday, May 21, 2010

13 Years and 1 Month ago...

Some bloggers will tell you that 30 years ago something really great was released; Toyriffic, Eclectorama. But I am here to tell you something even greater happened only 13 years and 1 Month ago. Thats right, I'm talking Batman and Robin released May 20th 1997! It received critical panning (which I believe means good???).

frequently ranked among the best superhero films of all time, Batman and Robin pitted a bunch of good guys vs a bunch of bad guys (too lazy to list). Take this Batgirl played by Alicia Silverstone. pretty hot huh?

Robin checks in with this revolutionary blue and red costume, and with his Twirly-Whirly, he is ready to cut crime up (That is Poison Ivy's Vines up).

What killed the dinosaurs? You ask?

The Ice age of course! Mr Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) had plentiful, plentiful one liners in the film. I enjoy repeating every now and then still to this day of days ahead.

His toy sports my favorite gravity leg rockets, and plastic stick projecting freeze gun.

And who could forget Bane and his almost Oscar nominating performance. Each time he grumbled out "Bomb! Bomb!" I was reminded at how overly boringly calculating he was in his comic book run.

I remember to this day seeing this movie a week from opening night, shaking my head in complete whelm.

Ah what the heck, here's Batgirl one more time...

So tonight, celebrate the 4th installment of the Batman franchise that nearly stopped the series, do to its impossible to top performance!

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