Monday, May 03, 2010

The Lords of the Rings MiniMates

I almost forgot I had a set of these guys. I was trying to brain storm my next stop motion victims, and they popped into mind. After taking some basic photos though, I might change my plans. These are the most frustrating things to shoot. They fall over easily, their hair pieces pops off too easily, they drop their weapons, and they keep dominoing each other! Otherwise they would be fun to see move around. Perhaps lots of poster tacking will help. Whatever I do with them, it better be epic, so maybe I will wait a few more years, assign another director, sue another studio for rights, and have too many problems casting the right toys.

I like the fish that Gollum gets. Everyone else gets fantastic props, and Gollum gets a fish. At least its not as dumb as twilight Frodo. Of all the unimportant characters to make, its Twilight Frodo. God forbid they make a more known character before the line got cancelled. Of course a more intelligent toy collector would say, "dan, its just a remold with different plastic, much cheaper than a new mold". I say a pox on the!

I can't even see him, where the hell did Frodo go? Oh there he is, behind that piece of white paper!

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