Monday, May 10, 2010

GI Joe Combat Heroes

I'm still buying Rise of Cobra stuff? Yeah. Actually I found this a couple months ago, but since I am out of things to think about, here it is. They are at a reduced price too right now, so they are a little more worth then they usually are. I would never pay 6.99 for a set, but 3.99 meh, okay.

They actually put two leads in the same package. Usually they group these figures as significant figure with completely un-significant figure. A brilliant marketing tactic I guess. So Young Duck and Cobra Kidomander fighting together against each other. This might be the best CC around for this line. I like how the mask says only one scar across the forehead, and that's it. Makes the rest of his clean skin face mysterious. Unlike the completely burned off face of other toys.

So yeah, thats what I had to say about that today.

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