Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Watch Collection; Episode 19: Autobot Watch

I am really surprised Transformer watches have not made the come back yet. Back in the day, if you were wearing one of these things, you were royalty.

I bet wearing Scorpia, a fake gold plated Transformer watch, would gain you emperor status!

Sorry Watch, didn't mean to wash you with a Brillo Pad.

I hate taking photos of toys that are shinny, my flash tears right through them and back at me.

I have heard in some circles that this is his 'spaceship' mode, but I'm not seeing it. Looks like he fell over.


LEon said...

I had one of these in my childhood but it was not from Transformers. It was a watch that come with a meal from KFC. It was red in color and when the battery had ran dry, I still kept playing it. Inevitably, it was broken end of the day due to the recklessness and intense transforming. The plastic went dry and cracked while joints became loose. How i envy your watch which is so mint! Thanks for sharing Dan.

Jcee said...

Wow that looks really cool! A transforming watch haha!

I just saw the ROTF line have two watches too, Optimus and BB, not sure if they can transform though.

Dan said...

I just googled them, and it looks like they do transform! All because of this post too! Amazing how fast Hasbro can work.

astrogalaxy said...


Rafys78 said...

This brings back memories.

*sniff*...'twas one of my fav toy.

Jason said...

I have a Voltron watch just like this. The originals were Kronoform watches, made bt Takara.

Unknown said...

can i buy it... T_T


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