Thursday, May 14, 2009

10.1 ways to die escaping Skull Dungeon

Playing with my old watches, I find interest in the old Mighty Max Doom Zone Skull Dungeon playset...

# 4: Getting jammed in the secret bookcase door.

# 8: Pushed down the front steps by the monster.

# 2: Getting locked in the dungeon with your future self.

# 7: Pushed down the inside stairs by the monster.

# 1: Eaten by the front door.

# 9: Tabled by the evil Dr.

# 5: Stuck on that strange 'eye'

# 3: Lever crushed by the evil Dr.

# 6: Pushed down the fake stairs by the monster.

The skull has survived time well, except for that one time it went flying across a room into a closet breaking its latch.

True stroy; The toy store I bought this from got their prices mixed up. The larger Doom Zones were priced at 4.99, while the smaller Horror Heads were priced at 10.99! Looking back, not sure why I didn't take more advantage. I guess I'm a nice guy.

On a side note, if anyone has a Wolfship 7, let me know, I like that Doom Zone.


Jcee said...

OMG I love these clamshells playsets when I was a kid! I had TONS of them. That little boy figure looks familiar, I am pretty sure the ones I had is in these "MM" series. Thanks for posting this! I was thinking about these, but forgot what series they were called until now!

LEon said...

This are quite popular for kids as it was portable and some parents will just buy for their kids to bring out to play. However some parent worried about the small part that some other younger children may swallow it.

Dan said...

Jcee, Glad I could help!

LEon, I think I still have a MM lodged up my nose!

The portable part of these toys really sells it. When My wife and I go out to a fine restaurant, I still take a one with me to play with at the table!

chunky B said...

Being pushed down the fake stairs... classic.

LEon said...

Dan as long as your wife doesn't mind I think that alright and You sure are one lucky man. LOL

leg said...

Lego Indiana jones Lego Indiana jones is lots of the exciting lego sets combined with the lovable characters from the Indiana Jones movies.

Mike said...

I got a bunch of good photos of my Wolfship 7 if you're interested, among other sets. Click my name above.


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