Thursday, May 14, 2009

10.1 ways to die escaping Skull Dungeon

Playing with my old watches, I find interest in the old Mighty Max Doom Zone Skull Dungeon playset...

# 4: Getting jammed in the secret bookcase door.

# 8: Pushed down the front steps by the monster.

# 2: Getting locked in the dungeon with your future self.

# 7: Pushed down the inside stairs by the monster.

# 1: Eaten by the front door.

# 9: Tabled by the evil Dr.

# 5: Stuck on that strange 'eye'

# 3: Lever crushed by the evil Dr.

# 6: Pushed down the fake stairs by the monster.

The skull has survived time well, except for that one time it went flying across a room into a closet breaking its latch.

True stroy; The toy store I bought this from got their prices mixed up. The larger Doom Zones were priced at 4.99, while the smaller Horror Heads were priced at 10.99! Looking back, not sure why I didn't take more advantage. I guess I'm a nice guy.

On a side note, if anyone has a Wolfship 7, let me know, I like that Doom Zone.

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