Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Transformers Animated; Target Shockwave

Its always strange that Target exclusives are discounted before they are even given a chance to sit at regular price. Not strange enough for me though, I'll take the good deal!

I am almost done watching TF Animated season 1, so I don't know Shockwave's story yet, but if he is a spy, he has a pretty good disguise. Why didn't they just give him a monocle?! That might fly with the way this show is going so far.

I like the robot form of Shockwave the best in this toy. He has good form, and could be used to fight a 12" GI Joe with equal standing (hmm things to come?).

The tank is okay, but talk about pain in the ass to transform. I had to watch several You Tube reviews to figure him out.

The crane mode (whoops I forgot to extend the hook), is better than the tank. It looks like a purple dog going fishing.


Mario! said...

I got the regular blue/grey Shockwave back in December, but never got a chance to pick up the purple one. I wish I had, then I could display Longarm with the blue/grey one, and Shockwave in purple.

Enjoying the show? The third (and possibly final) season just finished, and I rather liked it.

LEon said...

You are not the only one who commented about shockwave alt form look like a puppy dog. LOL

I wanted to get this one even tho I had a normal shockwave as I will place that as decepticon shockwave in robot mode. XD

Btw in the show, shockwave didn't fly. Not that I can remember he did.

Dan said...

Mario - THe show is pretty good, with some funny characters. I'm not to big a fan on some of the human villain monsters though.

LEon-Shockwave the toy has so many modes, you could move his arms out, and make a fifth mode for flight.

LEon said...

care to share with us how you do that Dan? I dun quite get it. Hehehe


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