Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hall of Heroes Flint

One of the stranger habits of a GI Joe figure addict is to start buying the same figure with slight modifications in different packaging.

Hasbro really knows how to take advantage of fans.

I think I will display this one in the third Flint shrine, next to the second General Hawk display case, by the HISS Tank garage, under the Toy Museum's sacred chambers.


LEon said...

this is like starwars trilogy star case? Milking but i think most loyal fans will still buy into it regardless of the complaining. LOL

chunky B said...

Glad I'm not the only one that fell for their trick, LOL. I picked up Beach Head to display next to Beach Head and Beach Head...

togbane said...

Brio togbane Brio togbane findes I mange forskellige afskygninger. Vi har alle de brio togbaner der kan købes på det danske marked. Varen er på lager og vi leverer indenfor 2-3 dage.


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