Sunday, May 10, 2009

Indiana Jones; Akator Temple Race Game

Looking for a game that matches your hidden desires of pushing people down stairs? Then the Indiana Jones; Akator Temple Race game is for you!

Lets open it up and see what we have...

No, not a cat! Bart just proves that once again any new box that is open he can fit into.

Anyways...Here is the game and all its pieces.

Its really a toy board game, with the Temple full of fun surprises.

A fast paced game, your goal is to race down the steps, get a Crystal Skull card, then make it into the Temple entrance at the bottom of the staircase.

The main obstacle is every time you move you then draw a card, that could spell doom for your own journey or for other players.

The top of the temple turns with a twist of the hand, then pressing down, some of the stairs lever downwards causing game pieces to fall to their doom. I suppose if you had superior intellect you could remember the sequence of that stair fall pattern, but you would also have to take into account of the possible clockwise-counterclockwise rotation of the top.

For holding on, some of the outside steps have spots for Indy's base to clip onto, and some of the inner steps have holes for Indy's whip to grab onto.

A few of the cards that you might draw while playing. Many cards have a 'go again' feature, which if shuffled right, and dice rolled right, you could possibly win the game in only one turn before anyone else can go! Highly unlikely though.

Overall its a fun and easy going game! I recommend four players, less than that it is too easy.

Its also a perfect action figure stand!

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