Monday, May 18, 2009

TMNT Michelangelo Comic Book Toy

One would think he's almost cute, until he bonks you with one of those chucks.

Leaps and bounds over the original cartoon toy version.

Splinter likes him too.

Shredder doesn't like him.

Krang doesn't like him either.

Now original Mike can take a vacation.


Mario! said...

I have the set of all four turtles. They are really cool, although the only differences are their heads and their accessories.

Dan said...

I couldn't even tell the difference between their heads! Although the store only had Mike to compare with. Too bad one doesn't come with all the weapons.

LEon said...

As many know it, the turtles are different only with the set of weapon they mastered and hold. I didn't have this NECA Turtle with me before but it sure comic accurate. But maybe they are not so skinny. LOL

Jcee said...

I read many good things about the NECA turtles. But I just don't really like their styling, probably because I only watch them in TV shows. On the other hand, I really like the 25th Anni rerelease of the TMNT figures.

Dan said...

LEon; That first sentence sounded poetic. LOL

Jcee; The styling is far from the other lines, maybe that's why I like it so much. Looks more like a real turtle that had been mutated into a fighter.

chunky B said...

I still need to pick up a set of the NECA Turtles, I hadn't realized they were larger than the Playmates stuff.


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