Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Xevoz - Infil-traitor - Long Journey

One of the best toy lines never talked about is Xevoz from Hasbro. I bought a few right when they came out around 2003ish, but my old roommate bought more, so I played with his. But when he moved out, so did the Xevoz.

I still kept my favorite Robot on my desk at work (not pictured), and over the last few months it convinced me to start searching for more. Unfortunately the toy line is long gone, and its kind of tricky to find them. Entertainment Earth has some of the last wave left, which is great, but they are not the crown jewels of wave 2 and 3 that are impossible to find.

Xevoz are a cousin of Stikfas on speed I like to say. You build them out of small parts and pieces, you can mix and match with other Xevoz figures, and they form a game that's sort of lackluster at best. They come with lots of customizable character and are easily displayed. They are perfect for stop motion filming, because they balance really well. I will have to try that some time.

The one pictured today is Infil-Traitor of the Biomechas. A dark cyborg ninja with a head in the center of his chest, comes with an awesome fluttering cape, powerfull crasping claw hands, and a strange trash can head.

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