Saturday, June 14, 2008

Garage sale find of the year!

Amazing how all the little pieces of life sometimes build incredible destiny. Every year a coworker reminds us that a neat neighborhood garage sale is coming. It always sounded fun to go, but alas, I sleep in on Saturdays until about 4PM, missing the event. But this year an annoying problem resulted in me being awake to go. For the last couple nights our internet cable has been doing strange things. Mostly not working in the day time, not providing any good Ebay sales, and stopping to work when it looked like it was finally starting to work. I was real worried we burned through another modem like we did back in January. So I calls Cable One I calls, and they find that it is some problem on their end for a change. At first they did try to peg it on me, but then they realized their stupid ways. Someone had incorrectly added a new neighbor's cable line to splice off of ours, thus in the day time when they used it we couldn't use it. Then at night when they stopped, it started working again. Anyhow Carlos fixed the problem right away thankfully and the cable was again working around 10AM on a Saturday morning.

So, a perfect opportunity to head to the Garage sales at Lakewood. Now that I'm writing this, I'm sad, for I just realized I forgot something! The first house we went to had an opened original Red Ranger!!! I was going to go back for that! I have one still in the box, this way I would never have that urge to tear it open. Drat!

We went to several houses, but found the usual wooden fruit trays, ribbon candy bowls, and tie try spinners. Finally though I found a house that had some toys! They had some Megablock dragons and some Lego Bionicles, but I had enough of that addiction already for the year. Then I saw it...the most beautiful thing ever. The grand GI Joe base I had been looking for my entire life. It was keep in pretty good shape for a Garage sale too. A few missing pieces yes, but nothing broken, or horribly drooled on! The main kicker is that the light bulb search light still works, and a bunch of sound effects! It has panels that if you hit, things go spring loaded flying. The best being the main tower collapses and makes explosion sounds. It also has a neat jail cell that if hit, the occupant can escape out a hatch. It folds up nicely, came with most of its original weapons, and even a couple Cobra BATs! I got a good deal for it too, talked it down to ten dollars, (actually the owner said she wanted to sell for 15, but thought 10 was better, I just said thats fine, because I was too excited). She then asked if it was for someone or for me. I just said "Uh, yeah... its for someone else." as I shifted my eyes back and forth.

So thats my new GI Joe base headquarters story.

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