Sunday, June 29, 2008

Xevoz - FireDrake - Where's the fire?

Brave Knight: "Slay that dragon you say? The one with the armor that is larger than mine?!!"

I'm a little disappointed with the Xevoz Reptosaur FireDrake. If a dragon is what they were going for, I think it could have been way cooler compared to how they hit the nail with all the other kinds of forms. Its head and neck being a little awkward to work with is its first flaw. The second are its wittle wings. They are not impressive for a dragon's usual main feature. The armor is cool though, and that anvil begs to drop on many a Xevoz head. I would still skip it, for some of the others still. Unless I was collecting all the Xevoz, then I would want it in the collection. Not that I'm trying to collect them all. Who does that anyways?

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