Saturday, June 14, 2008

Its about too late!

It happened like I dreaded it would happen. All my current toy orders all decided to show up on the same day. It was almost embarrassing as Gary the mailman (not his real name), came to the door with three packages saying, "It must be Christmas." All of a sudden I had this buyers remorse feeling on why did I buy so much. Had the orders come in a timely manor, I would have been able to have some evening fun every few nights. So I opened a couple Friday night, some Saturday morning, and I'll save some more for Sunday, but it feels strange to limit myself on my own terms.

What still gets me is that white postal box on the right was ordered Tuesday, and took only a few days to arrive, while the Entertainment Earth package was ordered almost two full weeks ago. The Tracking info was like they intended to sit on it on purpose.

Just to simulate how I felt waiting for these toys, I will wait a post before showing a picture of what I ordered.

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