Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Now's your chance!

There are times when even I have too many toys. *GASP*

I decided to sell some of my transformers. Many reasons;

1.) The older I get, the dumber I get. I can't remember how to re-transform them after they have been on a shelf for too long.
2.) I am trying to build Transformer collections with characters and styles that resemble G1 transformers. Energon Devastator isn't close enough to G1 Devastator. (still a pretty cool toy though- Uh-oh second thoughts!)
3.) I need money for my re-Xevoz addiction. More on this later.
4.) Did I mention I forgot how to Transform them. Frustrating!
5.) Just need to lean up my Toy Museum closets for better and newer things.
6.) Giving YOU, the lifelong fan of the Toy Museum a chance to own original Toy Museum crap ..er toys!
7.) Or better yet, a chance to find my contact info and hunt me down and kill me for sport, you crazy stalkers!

So here is the fun filled link;Transformers Only a few days left!

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