Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Claw Machine Toys

These super cool toys may appear to be on the low end of the price spectrum, but they are actually worth somewhere up to nearly thirty thousand dollars! When I go to the store during lunch time, a couple times a week, I like to play a few rounds of The Claw Machine. For months and months now I came out empty handed. But through determination, intelligance, and learning how to spell intelligence, I learneded a few tricks to a successful claw grab.

Those secrets will never be shared! Just kidding. I find that the claw will never really grab on to a toy like you think it would. It may appear to wrap its clawlings all over the toy, but in 99% of attempts the claw just slips away. I'm betting there is no grip at all on that claw, the claw is limp. SO, the trick being is find a toy on top of the other toys firstly. This way its not jammed in and never able to pull out. Look for a toy with a small tennis ball sized area to grab on to toward the end of the grab. My best successes was where once the claw slipped the main grip of the bulk of the toy, the remaining area where the three prongs come together has the support structure to snag that tennis ball area and lift the toy up and out. As you can see in Indiana Dog Jones (is that Krypto?) the three claw prongs came together under his hat and then was an easy lift out. The Hulk was trickier, actually getting the three prongs to support under the arm.

As for once the toy is in the air dangling so horrifically, it helps to yell out obscenities so that the claw knows you will break the damn joy stick, smash the glass open with a near by candy dispenser, bear hug grab all the toys, and jump into a quick get-away-car.

This post is dedicated the super cool SpongeBob Square pants with inner-tube that I failed to get even though the claws had perfectly grabbed the sponge, pronging trough the innertube perfectly. I was devastated.

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